Hadley’s Run A Starship Saga (Demo) – Let’s Play

Hello friends. This is a Let’s Play video of “Hadley’s Run A Starship Saga” demo version. Slay your way through a relentless enemy horde in this roguelite twin-stick shooter set in an African future. Unlock epic upgrades, explore alien galaxies, make friends and do battle against a galactic threat. Kick ass. Find love. Save the universe.

Set in a vivid African space western universe, “Hadley’s Run: A Starship Saga” masterfully blends high-octane twin-stick shooting with a richly woven narrative. Follow the journey of Hadley Orah, a reluctant smuggler turned intergalactic warrior, as he battles through a relentless horde of enemies and forms bonds with an eclectic cast of characters. With over 80 unique upgrades, a vibrant soundtrack fusing electronic and African beats, and a diverse array of aliens, this game promises a unique, exhilarating adventure in every session.

Developer: Unsigned Double Collective
Publisher: Unsigned Double Collective
Genre: Action, Bullet Hell, Roguelike, Twin Stick Shooter, Arcade, Indie
Release Date: 30 Jul, 2024
Reviewed on: PC/Windows
Available on: PC/Windows
Link: Steam
Review copy was demo.

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