Dear reader or visitor,

With this page, I want to clearly state what I want to allow and what I don’t want to allow with the content written on “”.

All content published on this blog is written by static. The sole exceptions for this are guest posts, in which case I specified that they were written by other people.

All screenshots used of games and software are owned by their respective owners and are used in terms of fair use in the articles. They are either taken from press kits with the permission of the respecting parties, taken as screenshots from games themselves (fair use) or they’re made by me (i.e. my drawings, emotes, etc.) in which case I own the copyright. If you feel like I misused or abused YOUR content, feel free to contact me via – I’d be more than happy to sort it out.

If you want to publish my content or parts of them on your blog, website or another medium, please following the following rules. These might get updated so check back often!

Things I allow:

  • Quoting parts of my blog post and crediting me as the creator of the said blog post.
    • Example: You may quote a line or a few and credit me by saying that I wrote that. Then you link back to the original article/my blog post. 

Things I don’t allow:

  • Copying (almost) full articles and posting them on your blog without permission.
  • Copying (almost) full articles and posting them on your blog without permission, and claiming them as yourselves.
  • Monetizing my content without permission.
  • “Re-Blogging” the post to your site.

If I find any content that infringes my rights, I’ll first try and make contact with you. If that fails, I will request a DMCA Take-Down to get the content taken down. If you have any questions, let me know. In case you want to use my content, I’d appreciate it if you contacted me first to ask for permission.

If you find anything that infringes your rights, contact me. I’m always open to working something out. Similarly, if you find any blog posts that seem to have been ripped off from my blog and pasted onto someone else’s, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know about it as well. Again, my contact e-mail is