December 2021 in retrospect

And another month passes, the last one of the year! This month was a bit hectic – we had a firm foot on posts both reviews and ramblings and we think we’re getting the hang of it! So let’s see what December 2021 brought us! Reviews Another great round of games for this month. Opening … Read more

Greak: Memories of Azur – a review

Hello friends. This is the review of Greak: Memories of Azur, a beautiful hand-drawn single-player side-scrolling 2D-platform adventure with puzzle elements from Navegante Entertainment an independent video game studio based in Mexico and published by Team17. Developer: Navegante Entertainment Publisher: Team17 Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, 2D-Platform Release Date: 17 Aug 2021 Reviewed on: PC/Windows Available … Read more

Archvale – a review

Hello friends. Today we get to review “Archvale”, a newly released bullet-hell with RPG elements game from developer idoz & phops, published by Humble Games. Developer: idoz & phops Publisher: Humble Games Genre: Action, Adventure, Twin-Stick Shooter, Bullet-hell Release Date: 2 Dec 2021 Reviewed on: PC/Windows Available on: PC/Windows, Nintendo Switch Link: Steam Gameplay Video: … Read more

Orbital Bullet – a review

Hello friends. This is the review of “Orbital Bullet”, a fast-paced 360-degree rogue-lite action platformer developed by smokestab and published by assemble entertainment based in Germany. Let’s have a look at what innovations does this game brings to a crowded genre. Developer: Smokestab Publisher: Assemble Entertainment Genre: Roguelike, Action, Indie, Early Access Release Date: 22 … Read more

Nuclear Blaze – a review

Hello friends. Today we get to review “Nuclear Blaze” a fiery action 2D-platform firefighting game from the creator of Dead Cells Sébastien Benard where you get to survive through devastating backdrafts, exploding walls, and a mysterious facility all while you try to keep the blaze under control. The game was originally created in 48 hours … Read more

We’re on Youtube!

Overage-Gaming’s Youtube channel now has content! – Link here! For starters we will upload gameplay videos of the games we’re reviewing – we think it is nice to have a video to accompany a review and provide further insights as the reader would often like to experience the animation, the sounds, and music that the … Read more

The Signal State – a review

Hello friends. Indie studio Reckoner Industries and publisher The Iterative Collective released this logic-based synthesizer-inspired puzzle/simulation game that tickled my interest. The Signal State is not like anything else I’ve played during my gaming history, but it fondly reminds me of the backside of Reason where I spent a copious amount of time routing cables … Read more