Have a Nice Death – a review

Hello friends. Today we review “Have a Nice Death” an amazingly-looking 2D action roguelike game coming from Gearbox Publishing currently in Early Access where you play as Death! Involved in this is the talented creator of Dead Cells, Sébastien Benard and Nuclear Blaze we have reviewed here. This game was revealed during The Game Awards … Read more

Industries of Titan – a review

Hello friends. This is the review of a cyberpunk city-building simulation/strategy game called “Industries of Titan” set on Saturn’s moon – Titan. The game’s developer Brace Yourself Games hails from Vancouver, Canada, and is the independent game studio behind Crypt of the NecroDancer and Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer as well as the … Read more

Turbo Sliders Unlimited – a review

Hello friends. This is the review of Turbo Sliders Unlimited, a highly customizable car racer currently in Early Access! TSU was inspired and influenced by old-school multiplayer racing games such as Pitstop II and Super Offroad (which I was particularly hooked into as a kid) but adding modern online features, unlimited customization, and expansion options! … Read more

Hardspace: Shipbreaker – a review

Hello friends. Today we review the physics puzzle game Hardspace: Shipbreaker, a game set in a dystopian future where you need to cut through ships to pay off your debts! Coming from developers Blackbird Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. Developer: Blackbird Interactive Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Genre: Simulation, Space, Physics, Puzzle, Early Access … Read more

Orbital Bullet – a review

Hello friends. This is the review of “Orbital Bullet”, a fast-paced 360-degree rogue-lite action platformer developed by smokestab and published by assemble entertainment based in Germany. Let’s have a look at what innovations does this game brings to a crowded genre. Developer: Smokestab Publisher: Assemble Entertainment Genre: Roguelike, Action, Indie, Early Access Release Date: 22 … Read more