Gunborg: Dark Matters – a review

Hello friends. This is the review of Gunborg: Dark Matters, a brutal arcade-style action platformer that reminds us of old-school 8-bit shoot’em up video games! Rickard Paulsson’s first indie game started in 2013 as a side project and had a demo published last year that ticked our interest. Earlier iterations of the game and proof-of-concept … Read more

Gunfire Reborn – a review

Hello friends. Today we’ll be reviewing “Gunfire Reborn” a procedural first-person rogue-lite shooter with fast-paced combat set in a uniquely styled eastern world. Developed and published by Duoyi Games in Hong Kong this new addition to the genre offers great gameplay, even greater gunplay, and a 4-player co-op mode! So let’s see what this game … Read more

January 2022 in retrospect

January was crazy – Family and work matters managed to grab most of our time this month, with minimum spare time to play games we’d like. We managed to push just 3 reviews this month, but, oh boy, we did enjoy them! So, in January 2022: Reviews Ziggurat 2, a procedural first-person rogue-lite shooter with … Read more