Tales of Kenzera: ZAU (Demo) – Let’s Play

Hello friends. This is a Let’s Play video of “Tales of Kenzera: ZAU” demo version. Wield the dance of the shaman. Reclaim your father’s spirit. Brave the beautiful and treacherous land of Kenzera with the God of Death in Tales of Kenzera™: ZAU, a metroidvania-style adventure crafted by Surgent Studios.

In the enchanting world of “Tales of Kenzera: ZAU” players are transported into the heart of a mythological saga, inspired by the rich tapestry of Bantu cultures. This captivating metroidvania-style adventure, crafted by Surgent Studios and published by EA Originals, unfolds the tale of Zau, a young shaman on a quest to reclaim his father’s spirit. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful and perilous lands of Kenzera, the game weaves a narrative of grief, courage, and ancestral legacy. As Zau navigates through a realm once vibrant but now shadowed by lost spirits, he encounters formidable beings and uncovers connections to his own past. With the dance of the shaman as his guide, players will explore this lore-rich world, embracing its challenges and mysteries. “Tales of Kenzera: ZAU” promises a journey of emotional depth, underscored by its atmospheric visuals and immersive gameplay.

Developer: Surgent Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action, Adventure, Metroidvania, Platformer, Story Rich, Indie
Release Date: 23 Apr, 2024
Reviewed on: PC/Windows
Available on: PC/Windows, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S
Link: Steam
Review copy was demo.

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