Technocide – Let’s Play

Hello friends. This is a Let’s Play video of “Technicide”. Technocide is a vertical scrolling shoot ’em up with a heavy emphasis on player weapons and abilities. You must not let enemies past you and reach your mothership! You will need quick tactical thinking as you weigh your weapons’ strengths and weaknesses against your enemies and their positioning.

“Technocide” emerges as a riveting vertical scrolling shoot ’em up game, where the fusion of strategic weaponry and skillful maneuvering stands at the core of its exhilarating gameplay. Set against a backdrop of an AI-driven calamity, players are tasked with thwarting a rogue Artificial Scientific Discovery Intelligence that threatens human civilization. Through procedurally generated runs, players navigate a relentless onslaught of drones, leveraging a vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets to protect their mothership. Permanent damage mechanics, coupled with the option for two-player co-op, elevate the stakes, making each run a unique blend of tactical decision-making and high-octane action. With pixel graphics that pay homage to the retro era and a sci-fi narrative that captivates, “Technocide” offers a fresh and dynamic experience to the shoot ’em up genre.

Developer: Dextrous Games
Publisher: Dextrous Games
Genre: Action, Top-Down Shooter, Shoot 'Em Up, Rogulite, Arcade, Retro, Pixel Graphics, Indie
Release Date: 26 Feb, 2024
Reviewed on: PC/Windows
Available on: PC/Windows
Link: Steam
Review copy was provided.

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