Bridges & Docks – Let’s Play

Hello friends. This is a Let’s Play video of “Bridges & Docks”. Build the island of your dreams – either by hand or using procedural generation tools. Create cozy islands while completing objectives to unlock new items & tools. Adjust the quantity of bridges, the maximum height of the terrain, and meticulously tweak configurations to create unique island worlds!

“Bridges & Docks” offers a unique twist on the island-building simulation genre, allowing players to craft idyllic landscapes by hand or with procedural generation tools. This sandbox-style game lets you create custom islands, adjust terrain heights, and place structures like bridges, docks, and houses. With a colorful, minimalist aesthetic and a focus on casual gameplay, the experience is as relaxing as it is engaging. Complete objectives to unlock new tools, explore various customization options, and share your 3D creations. The game invites players to design their dream islands, one bridge at a time.

Developer: Set Sail Games
Publisher: Set Sail Games
Genre: Simulation, City Builder, Sandbox, Casual, Relaxing, Indie
Release Date: 22 Apr, 2024
Reviewed on: PC/Windows
Available on: PC/Windows
Link: Steam
Review copy was provided.

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